Ranking the Poker Players In Movie

1. Matt Damon (Mike McDermott)

Number 1 was always going to Mike McDermott, who Matt Damon brought to life from the eternally popular Rounders.
Referred to by most gaming fans as the best poker movie of all time, it is also one of the very best gambling movies ever made.
Damon’s even functionality permits for this to be the situation, as he starts off the movie for a hotshot poker player who can perfectly scout an whole room. His very own skill-set and over-confidence undermine him early on, but which compels him to opt for a real occupation over grinding.
Since the movie goes on, McDermott makes the decision to provide the poker scene yet another go, as he moves from merely attempting to grind, to trying to go legit.
His best shooter comes when he chooses down Teddy KGB, which will be a defining moment for the character.
Having already lost to Teddy KGB, been crushed into a pulp, and saw his own friendship with Worm deteriorate, McDermott is up against it and still finds a way to make it outside on top.
Rounders does a lot of the heavy lifting for Damon, but he has excellent table existence, has a voice that reels you in, and is clearly very bright.

Damon is arguably among the greatest actors of our generation, but it’s not really arguable that he portrays the best poker player in a movie. It is essentially a fact.

2. Steve McQueen (The Cincinnati Kid)

It doesn’t take much for Steve McQueen on this listing. I honestly would look at placing him number one, even if he’d never sat at a poker table in 포커사이트(or 홀덤사이트).
Fortunately, he did, as he possessed numerous scenes in the classic The Cincinnati Kid.
There are a whole lot of bits to this movie’s puzzle that we can reflect on, all of which point to McQueen doing a fantastic job portraying a cold-blooded poker legend.
Of course, this movie wasn’t about winning it all. It was about the game itself and the way even the top (or those that believe they are) do not always triumph.
It’d be easy to point to moments where McQueen is his usual badass self, but it’s likely the ending that allows him to flaunt his best work, in defeat.
That final scene is one of respect and hope, simply to see that the air being let out of the room. It is shocking and a little heart-breaking, however McQueen gathers himself leaves on his term is an uncommon trait.
Over that, the end suggests he’s going to keep fighting but he has some learning to do until he can eventually become”The Man” McQueen’s realistic and sobering rise and fall within this story is done superbly and puts him in contention for the best poker player ever seen in a film.
That is fairly impressive considering he didn’t even win.

3. John Malkovich (Teddy KGB)

Few could beat Teddy KGB, who John Malkovich brings to life using a worked (and kind of poor ) Russian accent.
He is a feared foe in Rounders, and he is tough to beat. Matt Damon places it all on the line in an attempt to take him out first in the movie, but Teddy KGB proves too tough to strop.
Malkovich is iconic in two superbly gather poker scenes, and there’s no point in his shots in which you feel he is a player you can benefit from.
From his thick accent for his mannerisms and affinity for Oreos, Malkovich’s Teddy KGB is completely exceptional, and in the long run, even mildly endearing.
Just don’t tell him to not splash the pot.